Wednesday, June 3, 2009

two months and standing tall

We've made it through opening. We've survived our first 60 days. Now we are into our first week of Science is Everywhere Summer Camp in the new building. With three brand new classrooms to fill and tons of opportunity, we have drastically expanded the camp offerings for this summer. (NOTE: WE STILL HAVE SOME OPEN SPACES!)

Aside from the education staff, those of us with offices that share walls with the beautiful new restrooms seem to notice the increase in kids the most. Just moments ago a gaggle of joyous kids in the Robotics class took a restroom break. I know because I heard them happily bouncing through the restroom, then holler their way back to their classroom to continue working on today's robotic challenge. It's hard to be annoyed at these little disturbances when you know how much fun they are having.

Through the summer, we are also planning our first rotating exhibit for our new temporary exhibit hall. We have something up our sleeves that we are really looking forward to. Check back for hints and details!

We are finally jumping feet first into each section of the internet piece by piece. The Museum can now be found on TWITTER! You are invited to follow us and see what the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History has to "tweet" about!