Monday, June 23, 2008

New Museum = New Exhibits

The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History provides an independent, balanced, and accessible source of knowledge about nuclear issues - essential for an informed public, essential for acceptance of the nuclear industry, and a source of inspiration and education for young people - our next generation of nuclear engineers. Museum staff and volunteers have worked diligently to develop a series of new and redesigned exhibits to honor and support this mission.
Major Educational Exhibits planned in the new museum:

  • Radiation 101

  • Atomic Universe

  • Energy Encounters

  • The Uranium Cycle

  • Pioneers of the Atomic Age

  • Handle with Care; Radioactive Waste

  • Myths to Miracles; Nuclear Medicine & Radiology

  • Trinity and Legacy

  • Doomsday to Détente; The Cold War

  • Little Al’s Laboratory, Interactive Youth Physics Center

  • The MAZE; Global Conversations & Nuclear Issues
    (this exhibit will address major issues and controversies and will be updated regularly to remain current)

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