Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2010 Einstein Society Gala at The Sheraton Uptown

On March 20, 2010  the National Award of Nuclear Science and History will be presented to Nobel Prize winner Murray Gell-Mann at this elegant and inspiring event. This award recognizes Dr. Gell-Mann's many contributions to the theory of fundamental particles, including the existence of "quarks," the tiny sub-particles from which just about everything is made. In his distinguished career he worked alongside many other figures who are themselves legends of nuclear science and history, including Einstein, Oppenheimer, Fermi, Feynman and many others. His unique perspective on nuclear science and history, together with the extraordinary breadth of his other interests, promises an exceptional evening.

The gala dinner and dance will be held at the Sheraton Uptown. For more information or to secure a corporate sponsorship, contact the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History at 245-2137, ext. 110.
Tickets are $125 each and may be purchased at the Museum store.


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